Commissions & Terms of Business

All commercial dealings/payments for anything in this website or in are to be undertaking with Rosie Douglas via this website.

If you wish to order an artwork or DVD then please contact us by email with your request, details of exact order, and your postal address. Once you confirm your order we will then reply with a paypal invoice requesting payment including postage and packing. If you agree with this you continue, or if you have problems you contact us again. Your order will be dispatched as soon as payment is cleared.

Commissions in oils, pastels, watercolours, ceramics and sculpture will be undertaken on a professional basis and under contract in order to protect both the artist and the client. A copy of the contract will be sent by post or e.mail upon request and may be seen below. 
Separate contract agreements are available for demonstrations, art courses by e.mail, talks and lessons, and work purchased from "examples of work." A price list about any of the specific items offered will be sent with your request and details for the relevant contracts. All watercolour and pastel mounts are High quality acid free card double mounts, individually colour chosen for each work. All plus p&p at cost.

Art and Craft Prices
My work is competitively priced and you may be pleasantly surprised. Pottery ranges from £5.00 to £80.00, Paintings from a loose Watercolour at £12.00 to a large fully framed Oil Painting at £1500.00. Do contact me for more details of any work you have seen, or seek.
At present nearly all available work is in the gallery here - if the work does not have a price on in my website it is not available.

is the Euro sign, as I have moved to France both my prices and measurements are now being written in Metric. To assist you €1.00 = £0.673, €10.00 = £6.73, €100 = £67.00 etc. Or £1.00 = €1.48, £10.00 = €14.83, £100.00 = €148.37 depending on exchange rates. So if you add about one third to your sums from Stirling to Euro or minus in reverse it will give you an approximation?.

Payment methods


e-mail: contact here


1. Before a commission to do a painting may be accepted by the artist a 50% non returnable ( unless the painting is not produced ) deposit must be paid to Roseie Douglas..
2. The balance is to be paid, immediately, upon the work being completed and available to the buyer.
3. The work shall be deemed completed when the artist feels such, but the artist will be sensitive to the requests and needs of the purchaser with regard to its conception during the paintings progress. The final word must remain with the artist.
4. The purchaser must see the artists work before making a commission and recognize that he is commissioning work of similar style, quality, methods, and accept that the artist is a professional who will only offer the final work as professionally satisfactory, the buyer must agree to accept this when signing here.
5. The work will be produced to the specifications below for the price agreed. It must be understood that this is a legally binding contract both ways to protect both the client and artist.

Size of work =

Medium =

Subject =

With Frame =

With Mount =

Requested date for completion =

Special Requests - preliminary photos, studies etc. =


Costs for special requests = Final Price agreed =

Signed - Agent = Date

Signed - Purchaser = Date

Notes - In international normal practice - Once any painting is purchased it is the property of the purchaser and cannot be returned, exchanged, or negotiated over in any way thereafter unless the artist deems it prudent in special circumstances. Nor is it normal practice to lend a painting to be tried, or borrowed before a purchase.


1. Avant qu'une commission pour faire une peinture puisse être acceptée par l'artiste un 50%
non-restituable (à moins que la peinture n'est pas produite) le dépôt doit lui être payé.

2. L'équilibre doit être payé, immédiatement, sur le travail étant accompli et à la disposition de l'acheteur.

3. Le travail sera considéré accompli quand l'artiste sent tels, mais l'artiste sera sensible aux demandes et les besoins de l'acheteur en ce qui concerne sa conception pendant les peintures progressent. Le mot final doit demeurer avec l'artiste.

4. L'acheteur doit voir les artistes travailler avant de faire une commission et identifier qu'il commissionne le travail du modèle semblable, qualité, méthodes, et acceptez que l'artiste est un professionnel qui offrira seulement le travail final comme professionnellement satisfaisant, l'acheteur doit accepter d'accepter ceci en signant ici.

5. Le travail sera produit selon les caractéristiques ci-dessous pour le prix convenu. Il doit comprendre que c'est des manières légalement obligatoires d'un contrat de protéger le client et l'artiste.

La taille du travail =

du milieu =

du sujet =

avec la carte vue/marie louise =

avec le bâti =

a demandé la date pour l'accomplissement =

des demandes spéciales - photos préliminaires, études etc. =

coûts pour des demandes spéciales =

Le prix final a convenu =

signé - Agent = Date

signée - acheteur = Date

Des notes - dans la pratique normale internationale - une fois que n'importe quelle peinture est achetée c'est la propriété de l'acheteur et ne peut pas être retourné, échangé, ou excédent négocié de quelque façon ensuite à moins que l'artiste le considère prudent dans des circonstances spéciales. Ni est il pratique normale de prêter une peinture à essayer, ou emprunté avant un achat.