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"When you were at Bridlington, I purchased a couple of video's off you. Both Dick and I are starting with watercolours again, the video player is out of commission, although we do have a DVD player. Do you have the same tutorials in DVD form? As you introduced us to watercolours, I would prefer to stay with your teaching as the tutorials we had with you were very good, and you certainly made sure we remembered. Hope you can help - Many thanks
Eileen Taylor"

After Eileen received the DVDs =

"It is as good as a proper lesson. Plus when having watched it once, then we can set up knowing to some degree what is coming and can copy you. My first result was very good, although saying it about myself...and Dick's effort wasn't bad. We have a long way to go before I will submit anything for you to see. We are both pleased with the DVD and in the long run has been worth the expense"

1. Dreams Within us - A short film exploratory film after a regression session. Spiritual refreshment

Next -The Complete Chapel film in two parts, in French & English (En Francais et Anglais)

2A. The Project - Lo Capelo del Douol - The Beautiful Chapel of Cadamarans - 10 mins PART 1

2B. The Project - Lo Capelo del Douol - The Beautiful Chapel of Cadamarans - 10 mins PART 2

3. Entering the Abstract - A teaching and demonstration film about starting Abstract Painting - 3 hrs

4. Drawing & Colour - A teaching and demonstration film - a complete foundation for beginners and intermediate - 2 1/2 hrs

5. A Complete foundation in Watercolour -A teaching and demonstration film - 6 hours, 2 discs - All levels

6. A Complete foundation to Pastel and Oil Painting - A teaching and demonstration film - 2 x 3 hrs - All levels

Part 1. Pastels ------ Part 2. Oils

7. A foundation to Pottery and Woodcarving. - A teaching and demonstration film - Beginners/Intermediate

8. Tropical Delights - One in my travel/ painting series - To Barbados and The Deep in Hull. - Intermediate/advanced level.

9. Introductory Steps to Painting Success - All mediums painted at an English Stately home. - All levels

10. Painting and Fishing in Quebec - One in my travel/ painting series - Big Pike & Bass plus Big Pastels and Watercolours

11. Portugal & Hebrides. One in my travel/ painting series - Oils, Pastels, Watercolour - Comparing the two wonderful places

11. a Part 1 Hebrides ------ 11. b Part 2 Portugal

12. The Time of Day - A trip to Paris looking at the Louvre and the Impressionists, Also demos, in Watercolour, Pastels and Oils

13. Dream Of Ocean Deep - Joining me in a two week residency at Plymouth Marine life centre - Mixed medium, acrylics, etc.

14. Gaudi and I - My travel/ painting series - A short visit to Barcelona ( plus Gaudi architecture) & Rojales. Oils, Watercolour, Pastels

14. American Sky - My travel/ painting series - Painting & Fishing in Florida and Savannah - Oils, drawing, watercolour, pastels

15. Every Which Way & Loose - My travel/ painting series - Spain - The countryside, villages, carp fishing, watercolour, pastels

16. Painting in France & Scotland -The first of travel/ painting series - Watercolour, mixed medium, inks, pastels (early work)

17. A five day course in Glass Making - Sharing a foundation course making glass with me.

18. Le Paradou - A ten minute selection from a film made over 5 years in all four seasons showing Le Paradou, my home in France, and the surrounding area of Aveyron from mountains to coast!

19. Angling from Le Paradou - Fishing here for big catfish, carp, pike, zander. etc. and some filming from abroad of angling.

20. The Complete creation of a one meter woodcarving of a fish from start to finish in a ten minute film.

21. The painting of a stuffed Perch in Acrylics.

22. Making a Pottery Owl with four thrown shapes.

23. Final Part of "Entering the Abstract" creating a fantasy work in low relief.

24. Making a nude in low relief - another part of the "Entering the Abstract" film

25. A demonstration painting a loose watercolour - French street and figures - in two ten minute parts.

Part 1

Part 2

26. Winter at Le Paradou - A short film showing that even in winter it is beautiful here!

27. Fish Taxidermy - How to do a Zander. (this can be followed by the film on painting a Perch)

28. Life at Le Paradou is not always Paradise - a film showing the hard work of building here over four years and emigrating.

29. A Two week fishing Holiday at Le Paradou - June 2008

30. The Final Harvest at a vineyard here - Film of a vanishing tradition

31. Finding Wild Mushrooms in France

32. Painting an Oil En Plein Air - A French Bridge Part 1

33. Painting an Oil En Plein Air - A French Bridge Part 2

34. Simple methods of catching Barbel on the River Lot - France

35. How to colour wash your own picture frames

36. Sharing a watercolour lesson with a student and I painting "wet in wet"

37. Activities available at Le Paradou - (showing clients on holiday here)

38. A preview of my first major Exhibition in France and many past paintings leading up to it

39. Sharing a lesson painting in Pastel & Watercolour on the "Artboat" at Le Paradou

40. (Part 1) An introduction to Fly Fishing

42.(Part 2) An introduction to Fly Fishing

43. (Part 1) An Introduction to Archery

44. (Part 2) An Introduction to Archery

45. (Part 3) An Introduction to Archery

46. The Flying Cows of Estaing - A high speed version showing all the painting process

46. A film in four parts showing a complete step by step of how to make Coffee & Round Occasional tables from re claimed Oak planks.

Prt 1 ---- Prt 2 ---- Prt 3 ---- Prt 4

47. Painting Two Macaws using Acrylic Inks

48. Flower painting in different seasons - Spring - watercolour Prt 1

49. Flower painting in different seasons - Spring - watercolour Prt 2

50. Flower painting in different seasons - Spring - watercolour Prt 3

51. Oil Painting - fat on lean - miniatures - a mountain stream in woodland Prt 1

52. Oil Painting - fat on lean - miniatures - a mountain stream in woodland Prt 2

53. Oils - Boat scene - painting knives.

54. Big watercolour/pastel - snow scene.

55. Loose watercolour - Toulouse cafe

Prt 1

Prt 2

66. Autumn watercolour - sponge texture

67 Birch trees - Indian ink/watercolour - stick, brush, pen.

68. Pastel & water on Ingres paper - Toulouse Cafe

69. Girl in a French Poppy Field - Acrylics

70. Painting"En Plein air" Oils, Pastels, Watercolour - of the pretty chapel at Carmarans

3 Parts - Part 1. ---- Part 2. ---- Part 3.
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This amount was paid the proceeds from my auction of painting and pottery on my return to the UK was donated to the Red Cross. A pity such a small amount for so much work, but I do hope it helps!